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will not attend and we have the reason why ahead. >> thank you for being here as we hit midweek. >> we want to get our first check on the weather as you head out the door. >> an update on what is going on. that is where our high fire danger continues extended to 3:00 tomorrow morning. so 21 more hours of high fire danger in the north bay. here is what is happening with live doppler 7 hd from the morning commute everything is quiet. we have the clouds rolling in and expecting delays at sfo. a great start. 60 at 7:00. partly cloudy at noon and 66 and breezy by 4:00. inland we have mostly clouds, rolling in right now and 60, and it will be sunny by noon and 74 with dry air keeping us cloudy
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and 84 and storms will be to the north. leyla gulen? >> we had an accident in san jose but that is being pushed over to the shoulder. it is causing enough traffic northbound 101 before you get to the nimitz. as we look at this drive down 80 as you make the commute -- no, across the bay bridge to san francisco it is clear. we are seeing a buildup of traffic at ten minutes from emeryville to san francisco and looking at our drive time traffic 580 looking good, and antioch to concord is half an hour. from san rafael to san francisco is 17 minutes and mass transit is all on time. muni is going to be running extra service for the game today at at&t park. >> we are following breaking news from mexico with an earthquake in mexico city and the 6.1 earthquake hit after
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5:40 pacific time a little more than 20 minutes ago. it was centered four hours away from mexico city. no word on injuries or damage. stay with abc7 news and we will bring you updates with breaking news updates on twitter@abcnewsbayarea. now, out of control wildfire near yosemite is threatening 2,500 homes and forcing evacuations and highway 120, a main road in the park, is closed in both directions. the rim fire destroyed 10,000 acres and 30 percent contained. campgrounds are under evacuationation orders including where there is a special week hosted for 200 senior citizens. the camp is owned and operated by the city of san francisco and abc7 news reporter katie marzullo has an update next half hour. >> closer to home a red flag warning is in effect for the
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north bay. fire officials are asking the public to do their part to prevent potentially devastating fires. amy hollyfield joins us from the north bay to explain. >> check out this spot of dry grass we found in san rafael, right alongside highway 101 a lot of fuel is out there like this and this is why firefighters ask you have 100' of defensible space around your home. residents saw how quickly a fire can take off when this broke out yesterday at camp park this dublin. this started when a smoke grenade was used during a training exercise at the arm reserve training area. 70 acres burned. cal had to push in to put it out. >> with the warnings we held additional people over and we have additional crews and resources and units.
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>> the tricky part is juggling all the crews. there are ten fires burning in california right now so requests for help from outside our region keep coming in. alameda county had just sent eight firefighters to the rim fire when this local fire in dublin broke out. local officials say it could be where they cannot send resources because they have to protect their home turf first. >> concerns grow about a growth of potentially dangerous trees in a community, and nonprofit group five safer marin won a $220,000 state grant to remove highly flammable trees but the project is in jeopardy because the group has to come up with the money, first, before the state reimburses them.
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they do not have the money yet and the deadline is in two weeks. >> a sit in that began at san francisco city hall is over after police broke it up. 20 to 30 people, many city college of san francisco students were released after 100 protesters rallied on the steps of city hall before staging a sit in at the mayor's office. they demand the mayor take a public stand to help keep accreditation and prevent closure in july. >> the closing of bay bridge begins in a week as crews prepare for the opening of the new eastern span progress continues at the opening date of september 3 approaches much the work is mostly paving and striping and moving barriers. crews will take down the original section on the westbound deck to connect the temporary bicycle path.
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that is considered the hardest part but engineers are confident they will get it all done on time. >> we learning new details on the opening ceremony for the new bay bridge and the governor will not be attending and a spokesman says he and his wife will be at a family reunion in michigan and a spokesman admits getting all the v.i.p.'s lined up for opening ceremony with short notice is proving to be daunting. invitations have not again out and the small ceremony is expected to take place labor day, the day before the bridge opens to traffic. >> the work to prepare the new span for opening will necessity the closing of the bay bridge in six days starting late in the evening on wednesday, august 28 lasting for up to five full days over the labor day holiday and will re-open tuesday september 3 a day after labor day. a.c. transit is offering extra bus service to catch a bart train during the bridge closing
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and will operate trains around the clock in several stations and san francisco bay ferry is expanding their schedule. if you have to dry, download abc7 news exclusive traffic app to get away the gridlock. with details on how to get around bay area at under "see it on t." authorities say a man faces a number of charges after a stand off with police sparked by the theft of a pickup. police say they tracked the stolen pickup to the home of douglas hammer and officers surrounded the house but could not make contact. and then in 40 minutes they used devices to storm the home and police say they found hammer hiding in a crawl space with his five-year-old daughter and was arrested recently for attempted murder. >> and how to dress when you step out?
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am lull rock and santa clara, and saratoga, all at 57 degrees and san jose at 58, and the warm spots los gatos and sunnyvale and mountain view at 61 and newark, too, 58 in san francisco , and 257 in san carlos and half moon bay, and novato at 54 degrees. the first day forecast, kids are going back to school in livermore, to the unified school district and 7:30, and 59, and it will be warm this afternoon and 87, so we will go from the coast to short sleeves. you can see temperatures tomorrow are the same as today, and friday is warmer, and we cool off, again, on state. leyla gulen? >> we are tracking an accident in san jose where we have possibly one lane still blocked, and we still have lots of slowing northbound 101 before you get to 880 and you can see some of the traffic is receding but 18 miles per hour is going to be the top speed and the rest of san jose, well, it is wide
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open, and 85 is looking clear through cupertino and 280, also, looking clear, and right at 880 and 17, that is where we have an emergency project with barrels being repaired by caltrain until 7:00, so, ranches between 280 and -- ramps between 280 and 880 and highway 17 is closed down for at least another hour and the rest of the drive is looking wide on the. >> developing news, san jose police are investigating a shooting outside a senior apartment complex. abc7 news reporter joins us from the scene. matt? >> the shooting happened at 1:30 this morning here outside the senior apartments and police say this started at an auto burglary and calls came in for shots fired after a man described as a security guard was arriving home and found a person breaking into his dad's car and he confrontedded the suspect and tried to detain him but he ran off.
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the man reported the vehicle stopped a short distance away from him and a person got out and appeared to pull a weapon from the waistband. the man feared for his safety and shot at the suspect. the suspect's vehicle was found nearly and it was reported stolen out of san jose. the suspect was found about a block away from there suffering from at least one gunshot wound and taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries and the reporting party was taken to the san jose police department and he now is being interviewed. his say he is a security guard but not sure if that is at the senior apartments or elsewhere. it appears he was legally allowed to have the gun and the suspect will be, intoed in jail when three is released from the hospital and police say they are still looking for three other suspects involved in the auto burglary and we will be here all morning to let you know if updates are here on abc7 news. >> thank you, matt. >> high school graduates need a tutor in everything from science to math and the surprising
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number that are not really ready for college-level courses. >> coming up, details on the secret government surveillance program exposed by n.s.a. leaker edward snowden and it is much more broad than first thought. >> google and football could make a play to be part of the
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>> covering cupertino, wine country and all bay area this is abc7 news. >> taking a look from our mount tamalpais camera, a beautiful wednesday morning. mike nuclear -- mike nicco will have the latest the. >> bo biden has been admitted to a cancer center in houston, he has a mass on his brain he was hospitalized after feeling weak on a long drive to indiana after being treated at hospitals in chicago and philadelphia, the 44-year-old biden unwent tests in houston and suffered a mild stroke in 2010. >> new this morning the federal government is working on a new surveillance camera system that would automatically be able to identify people by their faces. "new york times" today reports that the department of homeland security is testing the project called biometric optical surveillance system that is reportedly not ready for use but
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critics are sounding an alarm saying rules need to be set on how the new technology will be used. >> also, the n.s.a. surveillance program revealed by leaker snowden is wider than first spot and the "wall street journal" reports that the surveillance program covered 75 percent of the nation's internet traffic. this includes e-mail between u.s. citizens and domestic phone calls made with internet technology. the n.s.a. is defending the program as legal and a spokesman says that the agency takes steps to make sure the surveillance protects the privacy of american citizens. >> new speculation on mountain view based google and all thens digital reporting that the giant could be among the companies that bid for the nfl package that allows viewers to watch any game in the country which now is owned by directv but expires at the end of the 201 nfl season.
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the google c.e.o. met with a delegation from the nfl yesterday and the sunday tick the packaging was on the agenda of items to discuss. >> just released numbers show the high school graduates will not have the reading, math, english, or science schools needed to succeed in college according to a new report released by the a.c.t. which many take when they are applying to schools. according to the a.c.t. only 64 percent have the nets english skills for a college-level class. in reading, only 44 percent have the required skills. the same number for math and only 36 percent scored well enough for college science. altogether, 54 percent of high school graduates that took the test, roughly the same percentage that took the s.a.t. tests with some overlap. we are getting further and further away from science, dude. dude.
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>> disheartening. >> i will see what i can do about it. but a lost low cloud cover and the marine layers are causing flight arrival of an hour and again minutes at sfo. and oakland is running on time. from the exploritorium, as we look back across the embarcadero center, you can see the low clouds hanging over san francisco and we have the threat of thunderstorms and fire danger, and best chance is in the north bay today and during the over night hours and it will be cooler and cloudy the next couple of nights and back to average and will keep our temperatures below average. today, we are below average 80
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in san jose and upper 70's in santa clara and los gatos is mid-to-upper 80's. and mid-to-upper 70's in the peninsula but 72 in millbrae and mid-60's along the coast and 63 in daly city. upper 60's around downtown south san francisco and sausalito at 72 but most of the north bay in the mid-to-upper 70's and mid-to-upper 60's along your beach with low pressure 70's throughout the east bay shoreline and fremont is 77 and the warm spot and oakland is 72 degrees and temperatures in the mid-to-upper 80's, but, dry air is moving in to the east bay valley and it will not feel so sticky as yesterday so hopefully you can turn the air conditioning off. north bay, again, a chance of a spray shower in the overnight and high fire danger until 3:00 tomorrow morning, and mid-to-upper 50's for most of us. the low started to move to the north while you were sleeping and with this pattern you can see how it is banking the
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moisture along the spine of sierra and the storms are blowing up there in the afternoon today. tonight, there is a chance of a stray shower but the storms blow to the not at mendocino and then to the north, so keep your fingers crossed they develop later on thursday and north of us. temperatures are the same tomorrow and a remaining what trend on friday at two to four degrees warmer and saturday, sunday, monday and tuesday, we are near average if not just sightly below. >> along 80 headed in this area we have an injury accident, an overturned vehicle and possibly lanes are blocked eastbound 80 to highway 113 and the accident happened on a ramp and the car went down into a ditch and into the bushes. we have emergency crews making their way westbound 80 is not affected and we do not have much traffic in either direction but,
6:20 am
again an injury accident and we plight see -- might see slowing. eastbound highway four from willow pass to bailey road you can see the traffic is building as you come up to the construction property that is where we have at least four lanes blocked until noon and the drive in the westbound direction is stop-and-go at 13 miles per hour for the stop speed through antioch that will last until harper where it will pick up speed and the bay bridge toll plaza shows busy conditions and it takes you ten minutes from the maze to the tolls. eric and alma? >> 6:20. the cars that are get by thieves the most at 6:30 find out if your car is on the list. >> new details this morning on the game console that will be on christmas lists this holiday season. ♪
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>> at the golden gate bridge gonna 6:23 but we have clouds and we have the latest on the weather ahead. >> a special honor for a man many considered a living legend in the struggle for equality, clarence jones was honored for his work with martin luther king jr., a former speechwriter and
6:24 am
advisor to the lateselves leader and -- to the late civil rights leader coinciding with the anniversary of the march on washington where king gave his "i have a dream" speech 50 years ago. >> gameers, listen up. we now know the official release date for the play station 4. he is a photo, the next generation gaming console will arrive in united states stores on november 15 just in time for the holiday season but you will be set back $400 for the play station. >> we are continuing to follow developing news near yosemite national park, with 10,000 acres near the popular tourist destination are burning with a challenge facing firefighters today. >> right now, live doppler 7 hd is quiet but i am still tracking the thunderstorms and a high fire danger with an update
6:25 am
ahead. >> i am leyla gulen in the traffic center, a look at berkeley, where westbound traffic the headlights are building as you head into the maze and we are tracking a serious accident in davis with more
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> on wednesday morning, a beautiful look from mount tamalpais to the east, you can see the glow of sun ready to rise over the low clouds and the fog keeping the fire danger down. that will change this afternoon. >> it is wednesday and time for a a check of the weather. >> but, first, while you were sleeping the the red flag warnig was extended with the best chance of a thunderstorm and a wildfire could be sparked the next 22 hours or so.
6:29 am
as far as our forecast the next 12 hours around the bay, 60 with a gray start and flight arrival delays in sfo already. at noon, 66, and 72 at 4:00, and you need a coat this evening. inland, late arriving clouds and around 60. brighter by noon and 74. dry air moving in but that will not stop the chance of a thunderstorm or two, best in the north bay in the evening and overnight hours with temperatures in the mid-70's in the evening and the coast is starting out gray with clouds at noon pushing you in the low-to-mid 60's in the afternoon hours. leyla gulen? >> we have slowing in the usual plays but we have a serious injury accident near uc davis along eastbound 80 at highway 113 and a car overturned making the transition and is on its roof. crews are on way and no delays
6:30 am
in the westbound or eastbound direction so it could stay that way. as we pull it right back to the san francisco bay area to oakland we are look at fairly clear conditions here along 580 headed through piedmont and to emeryville along 580, top speed there, and the nimitz, you are looking at top speed and no crashes to report and a couple spots of slowing and the berkeley drive is building along i-80 in the westbound direction with the yellow there indicated as you make the push to the maze. as we look at san jose, the construction property has cleared, an emergency project blocking transition roads and everything thousand is re-opened and the drive time, 580, from tracy to dublin is 46 minutes westbound, 680 southbound from mission boulevard south at 16 minutes and highway 85 from cupertino is a short five-minute commute. >> we are continuing to follow developing news from the south bay, and the san jose police are investigating a shooting outside a senior apartment complex and
6:31 am
abc7 news reporter is at the scene. matt? >> residents are shaken about to shooting. it happened at 1:30 this morning and in the past five minutes we watched a car towed from the parking lot and followed by a police cruiser. police say it belonged to the person who fired the shots here and this started as a burglary at the senior apartments near the expressway. police say a man described as a security guard was arriving home and found a person breaking into his dad's car and he confronted the suspect but he ran off. the man stopped the vehicle a few blobs arm, and pulls something from his wasteland and the secured guard feared for his safety. the car had been reported stolen and the suspect was found a block away suffering from a gun shot wound and taken to the hospital. the reporting party was taken to
6:32 am
the san jose police department and is being interviewed. he is a security guard but not sure if it is here at the apartments foe seniors elsewhere and he was legally allowed to have the gun but the suspect will be, into the into jail when he is released from hospital and will face charges related to the car burglaries. >> on the peninsula police are investigating a deadly shooting in east palo alto that happened after 10:00 p.m. last night. a many year old was found slumped over the driver seat of a car and key died at the hospital. a shot spotter system detected eight rounds fired in the area and police have no 17 or motive and are asking witnesses to come forward. >> 10,000 acre wildfire burns near yosemite closing the main road from 9 bay area to the
6:33 am
destination. katie marzullo? >> highway 120 is shut down in and out of the park and three campgrounds run by bay area communities with students all sent home. look at the massive flames clearly crossing the road and the rim fire has bound more than 10,000 acres and zero percent contained and 2,500 houses, hotels and camp buildings are in harm's way and the fire has claimed two homes and five outbuildings since saturday and a woman who is stuck outside of a roadblock worries one of the destroyed homes is her. >> it has been there for 15 or 18 years and we just had a familiar reunion up there the first weekend of august with 60 people you there. so... >> helicopters and planes are blocking water on the flames.
6:34 am
700 firefighters are on the job. fire officials described both the fire's growth potential and the terrain as extreme. a red flag warning for lightning is in effect. authorities do not know what sparked the fire. >> we want to show you pictures right now of a fire burning in los angeles county near north hollywood a building that now has collapsed because of the blaze and you can see the fire engines there and obviously trying to take defensive mode because there are hazardous chemicals and sigh side could be a chemical inside with businesses evacuated and, again, the building has collapsed and firefighters are taking a defensive stand. well keep you updated on this and the reporting continues on
6:35 am
twitter@abcnews twitter@abcnewsbayarea. a pit bull that attacked a boy in antioch will be euthanized. this is how the ten-year-old looked after the first surgery if sacramento and the other dog remains quarantined. his mom says doctors take off the bandages to see if he need as third surgery a fundraiser is held today at four buffalo while wing locations in brentwood and stockton and tracy. a part of the sales donated to his recovery fund. >> happening today a military judge plans to announce the sentence for bradley manning the analyst who gave classified information to wikileaks. the military judge on the case will announce the sentence at 7:00 a.m. our time to under half an hour at fort meade in maryland. he faces up to 90 years in prison after being convicted of mishandling classified
6:36 am
information and acquitted of 9 more serious charge of aiding the were my. his decision to release more than 700,000 documents hurt united states security and put lives at risk and his attorneys say he never intended to hurt anyone. >> bay area supporters of him are planning to gather at 5:00 p.m. at the plaza to react to the judge's decision. supporters are planning gatherings around the world including at the white house to call on president obama to pardon him. >> the north bay remains under a red flag warning and bay area fire departments are responding. >> a stunning request from the family of the man accused of kidnapping a teen and taking her to idaho and what they want from hannah anderson. you can see the bay, the bay bridge and trafficking is moving okay. mike will tell you about that and leyla gulen has the
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>> we are back at 6:39. and back in school at san lenadro starting today, 57 degrees, at 7:30 under clouds, and mostly sunny by the afternoon hours and 71 degrees. so, good luck and congratulations. we talk about the game at the coliseum, 12:35 first pitch, 71 and a high burn index here but
6:40 am
it is because of the u.v. index and we will head over to at&t park at 12:45 we have 60 degrees also, and 64 and warming up to 66 and it will be breezy at times. if you travel around, the best chance of thunderstorms in the sierra, a smoky 94 in i don't -- in yosemite. >> as we look at our map you can see a buildup of slow downs over the a pass along 580 in livermore and it clears before you reach the dublin interchange and slowing in hayward on the southbound side of the nimitz and we have the construction that still is in place long 280 headed in the northbound direction between woodside road up to highway 92, you will find construction crews out there with lanes blocked into san francisco, southbound, you can see where the traffic is heavy as you make it over to 101 and it eases as we make the drive
6:41 am
further into daly city. >> at 6:40 new details involving james dimaggio accused of kidnapping hannah anderson and killing her mother and brother. the family is requesting d.n.a. samples from 16-year-old hannah anderson and a spokesman says they want to know if dimaggio is the father of hannah and her brother. the 40-year-old was killed in an fbi shootout and left a life insurance policy with her grandmother as the beneficiary. >> ahead, we will review the list of the most stolen cars in america and trading is underway on wall street. >> this is the big board right now the dow is off by 24 points and under the 15,000 market. >> but, first, high fire danger in parts of the north bay and how much lo
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>> covering novato, oakland, sunnyvale and all bay area this is abc7 news. >> to the los angeles county town a building has been packed with hazardous chemicals and you can see a fire has burned through, causing part of the building to collapse and fire crews had taken a defensive mode but they are on the ceiling right now and one thing believed to be need the building is
6:45 am
cyanide so they pour water on the building and no word on injuries with you we continue to monitor the situation and we will let you know if anything changes. >> as mike has been telling us all morning a red flag warning is extended for parts of the bay area so continued risk of wildfires. we check with abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield in the north bay. amy? >> it is dry. look at this path of crispy brush along vied highway 101 we are in san rafael, firefighters say with fuel like this, fires moved quickly and they hope that people have 100' of defensible space around their homes. you never know when this will be the scene near your home as residents found out yesterday, a grass fire broke out at camp parks inside the army reserve training area and they used a smoke grenade for a training exercise. the fire burns 70 acres there are ten fires bushing in
6:46 am
california right now and resources are spread out, with continues dry and it is hot, so, firefighters say they could use a hand from citizens right now. anything you can do to help them with fire prevention would be very much appreciateed. >> a newly released report ranks the most frequently stolen vehicles with long da -- with the honda on the top two with accord first, and older accords are stolen twice as often of every model but for the civic and three is a ford pickup and chevrolet pickups are fourth and 5th most stolen is a camry. >> so, who is the better catch for dating, those who save or those who spend?
6:47 am
>> we are joined from new york city. >> it is a wired world out there and most of us are connected to the web at home, at work, deal, and on the go with the smartphones and tab lets but according to the "new york times" 20 percent of adults do not have access to the internet. facebook wants to change that and has launched a partnership with the goal of making internet access available to everyone in the world. the plans include cheaper smartphone and using mobile data more efficiently. speaking of surfing the web on your smartphone it is vulnerable to viruses and malware. mobile malware has jumped to a level not seen since early 2012 according to a new report by security experts. some are using our phones to online banking along with e-mail. >> a quick check of markets:
6:48 am
stocks are falling. the nasdaq is trading higher county though, and we are waiting to hear the minutes from the fed july meeting. and the silicon valley index is seeing gains with apple and google higher. if you look to win points on a date, spending a ton of money is not the way to impress them. according to a working paper from the university of michigan's law school of business, those who save are viewed as more self control than heavy spenders and it found a connection between disciplined behavior and healthy lifestyle which then could make you more physically attractive. that is business news in new york. >> mike nicco is here with a check on the weather and fire danger still going on. >> especially in the north bay. now a look outside to show you what is going on, even if you are out of the north bay we have
6:49 am
breezes and they will be gusty from 2:00 to 8:00 this afternoon, and small craft advisory for the bay water from 1:00 o'clock to 9:00 with winds gusting at 15 to 25 miles per hour and we have 12 miles per hour in oakland and 28 in fairfield and you can see the clouds moving right now from right to left across your screen as we look to the south from mount tamalpais this morning, and the clouds are causing the flight arrival delays into sfo. thunderstorms and fire are best in the north bay today and that is our number one highlight and cooler and cloudy nights are on the way bringing our temperatures below average, as we head through the weekend. today, though, we are 80 in san jose and mid-to-upper 80's in los gatos and gilroy and upper 70's in sunnyvale and most of the peninsula in the mid-to-upper 70's and menlo park and palo alto at 77 and milbrae
6:50 am
at 72 and mid-60's along the coast with 64 at sunset and north bay, the beaches in the mid-to-upper 60's and valleys in the mid-to-upper 70's and along the east bay shore, berkeley at 70's, and richmond and oak at 72 up to 77 in fremont and mid-to-upper 80's in the east bay valleys and not so warm or sticky as it has been the last couple of days. hopefully we can get the air conditioning turned off to save money. tomorrow, again, a chance of thunderstorms in the north bay and most of us in the mid-to-upper 50's under clouds with the telling falling out of the 50's and overnight, it will be comfortable. the slow moving slow was moving north while we were sleeping and notice when the rotation you get the best lifting from the sierra so you see the explosion of thunderstorms there this afternoon, and when the let starts to move to the not you can see an explosion of thunderstorms and as close as lake and mendocino counties so there could be a stray shower
6:51 am
but it looks like north and east of us is a better chance tomorrow afternoon. temperatures tomorrow are the same as today, and two to four degree warm-up for friday and temperatures fall back, saturday, sunday, monday and tuesday with morning clouds and afternoon sunshine. >> we have a stalled big risk at the reservoir through the santa cruz mountain northbound highway 17 as you start to head into los gatos and it is causing quite a bit of slowing out this so you do not need or afford to have a stalled big rig blocking the lanes so that is there for a little while longer near black road. as we head over to the bay bridge, westbound side at incline we have a stalled car and check out the traffic, very heavy, bump bumper-to-bumper tr, direction seven minutes gets you there and traffic is building southbound along the nimitz from
6:52 am
san jose. outside, the golden gate bridge shows traffic is golden, too, with not too much traffic. and not too much fog from sausalito and to san francisco so a safe and quick drive. >> ahead, seven things to know before you go. >> the morning news returns after
6:53 am
6:54 am
>> as we hand things off to "good morning america" leader are seven things to know. >> the red flag warning is extended until 3:00 tomorrow morning for the north bay valleys so you have the best threat of a thunderstorm during that timeframe that could spark a wildfire. as far as our temperatures, we are in the upper 50's to low 60's. it is a wild morning. that will hang around through about noon. we will have partly cloudy conditions this afternoon. 80 to 89 inland and 71 to 80 around the bay and the coast to san francisco is breezy at 64 to
6:55 am
67. >> the red flag warning has firefighters on heightened alert with officials asking the home owners to keen 100 feet of defensible space around their homes. a massive wildfire near yosemite is out of control and highway 20 is closed in both direction. the rim fire has destroyed 10,000 acres. >> san jose police are investigating a shooting near a senior housing complex. it started as an attempted car theft at 1:30 this afternoon. a guard who was off duty shot the suspect who is in stable condition. three others got away. >> sit in outside the san francisco mayor's office ended when police arrested dozens of protesters at city hall. the demonstrators, many city college students, are demanding the mayor take a public stand to
6:56 am
help them keep accreditation and prevent the closing in july. >> today marks six weeks since 21-month-old daphne webb was reported missing. her picture will be displayed on the big coliseum billboard in front of the arena for thousands of drivers to see. >> the bay bridge toll plaza shows heavy traffic and we will have a stalled vehicle at the incline in the westbound direction. to our map, we do have this, a stalled big rig, and this is near the lexington reservoir at black road and it is causing quite a bit of slowing with only one lane blocked. >> thank you for joining us for the abc7 news which continues on-line.
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good morning, america. breaking right now for our viewers in the west, a massive earthquake shakes mexico this morning. buildings swaying in mexico city, people fleeing into the streets. magnitude, 6.2. new this morning, on that dramatic grade school shooting. the alleged 20-year-old shooter planning a massacre, identified overnight after a massive shoot-out. 800 children fleeing amid the gunfire. this morning, we talk, live, to the bookkeeper who talked him down and the officers he finally surrendered to. breaking overnight, firestorm at yosemite national park. flames as tall as buildings caught on camera. the main road is now shutdown. more last-minute evacuations as the intense dry heat only makes conditions worse. caught on tape. the real-life medical drama for dr. oz. a horrifying taxi crash right outside his tv studio.
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